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Chairman's Message

On the off chance that large scale manufacturing portrayed the modern unrest, singular inventiveness and brightness denote the innovation transformation of this century. Advancement is no longer symbolized by forcing plants and apparatus; rather information is presently generally perceived as the genuine quality of a country. Utilizing innovation we now can tap sources in our surroundings and control it for the development and improvement of humanity. Keshav Madhav Vidhi Shiksha Sansthan has been set up to support the investigation of innovation. We expect to set up a learning workforce practically identical to the best on the planet through direction in the bleeding edge innovation. Keshav Madhav Shiksha Sansthan likewise lays accentuation on gathering ventures, so that our understudies figure out how to be co-agent and profitable colleagues. Industry introduction gives these maturing experts the chance to chip away at current industry issues and to figure out how to flourish in the helpful workplace.

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