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  • Entry Qualification : Passed 10th .
  • Duration - Electrician Training : 2 yrs

Skill Aquired/Developed : On consummation of the course the learner might have however information of era, transmission and dispersion line, overhead unique sorts of cover, diverse sorts of wire, information of various sorts of wire gage. Earthing utilized as a part of substation, power station and diverse sorts of capacitor in AC/DC circuit utilized as a part of electronic and electrical establishment in businesses. Development of various sorts of batteries and electro sorts utilized as a part of it, he might ready to get ready and repair batteries in workshop. Overhauling and repairing of table fan, celling fan, deplete fan, processor, water pumps, clothes washer, room radiator,AC.DC generator,

transformer, learning of single stage and three stage acceptance engine, starter, twisting of engine and hand-off utilized as a part of AC/DC circuit. Routine of patching on printed circuit board taking a shot at the circuit configuration get ready HT/CT board utilized for Industries/workshop. Imperfection blame in various sorts of AC and DC starter and engine clock utilized as a part of production lines and workshop and take up support of hardware, processing machine, capson CNC machine, interface distinctive sorts of measuring instrument on the board loads up. Twisting of transformer field loop of DC engines and AC engines rewinding of armature starter winding, ringer/bell/NVC of DC starter. To make and manufacture the diverse sorts of Electronics circuit as Disco light, water level pointer, melodic chime, signal, to sparkle the wire tube light and so on. In this foundation told repair the radio TV and different gadgets circuit moreover.


  • Entry Qualification : Passed 10th.
  • Duration - Fitter Training : 2 yrs

The work done by a Fitter is of various sort which must be finished by utilizing diverse hand instruments to required exactness. Fitter work is basic and mindful sort which has an awesome connection with the development of enterprises of a nation. The Fitter does his 75% work by his hand and 25% by utilizing distinctive machines. Here and there ha needs to correct and gather extremely basic parts of a machine which has extraordinary significance on machine precision and profitability. One Fitter has a profound learning of various sort of instruments and fitting accomplished. He knows about various materials, its properties and

employments. He should know about various accuracy measuring and checking devices. He should know the working arrangement of machines like Drilling, Turning, processing granulating so he can do his work capably. He should have profound information of comprehension drawings, gathering succession, fixing torque and so on.

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